Sex Ray Specs

Sex Ray Specs are a way of looking at the world. People are their most open and vulnerable during sex, and it is then that their inner secrets are revealed. This anthology runs the gamut, from sweet and tender to darkly transgressive, all with one common thread, the search for love.  

Wintersong - All Armand wants is to bridge the gap, all Peter wants is to move on.  

In the Archives – The legend can't be true, or can it?

Amadan Na Briona – The fae have long taken humans for their companions

Carnival Nights – It's just a children's ride, nothing to be afraid of.

Perfect Match – Two men visit a matchmaker, who would have thought they were a perfect match?

Dinner with the Devil – When you dine in the devil's house make sure to set him a place.

The Poetry Game – My lover whispers to me.

Too Sweet to Eat – Even the best laid plans can go awry

Blacksmith – Who burns hotter, the blacksmith or his forge?

Dream A Little Dream – Arthur draws his dream into life.

Tapestry – Our past is written on our skin

Geisha – A male ninja masquerades as a geisha and his life will never be the same.

Sex Ray Specs contains transgressive M/M literary fiction. It utilizes adult language and adult situations. It depicts violence, explicit sex and disturbing scenes/images. If you are offended by male/male eroticism, sexual situations, depiction of BDSM elements, and strong language you might not enjoy this work.    

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