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Shinobi Saga

Will love be sacrificed when duty and honor rule all ?

Will love be sacrificed when duty and honor rule all? The life of a shinobi is, at its best, a selfless devotion to duty. In modern day Japan, the ninja legends live on in a grim saga of political maneuverings, betrayal, sexual abuse, torture and homoeroticism.

The Shinobi clans lurk in the shadows, performing services that not even the hardened Yakuza will touch. Takahashi Yoshi fulfills his duty with soul-stripping resolve, each assignment driving a nail into a coffin of lost faith. After years of sexual abuse and torture in the name of clan honor, Yoshi must learn to trust, but the man who offers him hope is himself flawed. Sasaki Makoto has spent a career in torture and interrogation, exploring not only the dark secrets of his clan's enemies, but also the darkness within his own heart. How far must Yoshi run to escape his shame and torment?

And what price freedom when fear and self-loathing threaten to upend the hard fought struggle to find meaning and safety in a world fraught with danger. Yoshi seeks time and space, only to find himself once more at the mercy of power mongers and despots. When Makoto finds him, Yoshi is broken in more than body. Near death, his spirit recedes to find safety within, locking out all who care.

They say time will heal but the path to acceptance is never easy, the roadblocks many, and none will emerge unscathed as Yoshi embarks on a struggle for balance.

Shadow Wolf
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Geisha is now available as an e-book

When duty commands, how far will loyalty go?

Duty and honor-bound, Yoshi draws on years of training to fulfill his clan's expectations and obligations, suppressing emotion to safeguard and protect both himslf and those he's sworn to serve.

His current asignment is concubine to the Shuhan of Mochizuki, who deems that training unsuitable and launches Yoshi into the world of women, that of the fabled geisha, to learn the grace and skills his new master desires. Pain Yoshi understood, humiliation was something else entirely.

His guard, Zenshiro, decides that while geisha training is all well and good, the matter of seduction would be handled in a different fashion.

Keeping up the masquerade might be the biggest challenge Yoshi has ever faced .  .

Does marriage equal happily ever after?

Retired and married to the love of his life, Yoshi looks forward to a life of peace and pleasure. Old habits don't die so easily, though, and the past is harder to outrun than he thought. Set after the end of Shadow Wolf, Yoshi and Makoto find that desire and its consequences take many forms.

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